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Private Access

Learn to never doubt your inner voice again.
What you can expect:
- To be truly Seen and have your Highest Self reflected back to you so that you can trust yourself more than ever before
- To learn to discern between the voice of fear and your true intuition
- Confirmation of the intuitive 'hits' you are already receiving and either ignoring or dismissing now
- To learn how to read and interpret energy, signs, and symbols to receive direction from the Universe/Source/Higher Power so that you will always know the next right step for the rest of your life

What you will receive in 4 weeks:
- Weekly private reading
- Weekly guided meditation
- Access to powerful intuitive growth video recordings
- Unlimited email questions

Three Pack - Energy Healing - Ascension Support and Healing


Six Month VIP Intuitive Expansion

Receive six months of VIP access with me! We can focus on many different topics of your choice that you'd like to explore along the way - better relationships, career direction and growth, more abundance, intuitive development!

- two 30 minute readings per month
- unlimited email readings - ask all the questions you'd like as they come up!
- access to live weekly intuitive expansion group calls

$25 Gift Certificate

Purchase a $25 gift certificate that your loved one can apply to any of my available services!