Conquering Loneliness Coaching

per month for 3 months ($1,050.00 total)
Conquering Loneliness Coaching is all about shifting your world and combating your loneliness. We'll look at your inner thoughts and limiting beliefs. What internal narratives are fostering your loneliness? What gremlin voices are reinforcing your beliefs about your loneliness. We'll evaluate the existing relationships in your life and create a vision for the circles and tribes you want and need in your life. We'll spend time looking at your fears and other emotions attached to this process. And then, we'll set actions for you to achieve your your vision.

Goal Success Coaching

per month for 4 months ($1,400.00 total)
Have a big (scary!) goal you want to achieve? Goal Success Coaching will get you there! We'll check your alignment with your core values and discerning your “why” behind your goal. We’ll define what success really looks like and we’ll spend time visualizing that success.
We'll develop weekly actions and accountability that move you forward as fast as you want to go. We'll look at your supporting tribe, timelines and schedules, and the role your ego plays in all of this.

Happiness Coaching

per month for 5 months ($1,750.00 total)
Happiness Coaching will help you discover how you’re blocking your happiness and take action to create a happier life. We'll look at your current levels of happiness with your physical health, your daily habits & routines, your living environment, your relationships, your work, and more! We'll dig in to find the root sources of your unhappiness and frequently, we end up focusing on just a few key life areas. We'll discern your core values and look at how your life is aligned with them. We'll create a happiness vision — who do you want to be 3 years from now? And then, we'll create actions to get you there.

Life Coaching

per month for 6 months ($2,100.00 total)
This is a 6-month package that includes:
– one 50-minute coaching call each week (52 total)
– unlimited text & email communication
– Energy Leadership Index Assessment
– various other tools and assessments that will be helpful in your journey

Treated with Respect Coaching

per month for 4 months ($1,400.00 total)
Treated with Respect Coaching helps you create ways to get people to value and respect you. We'll spend time looking at your internal beliefs about yourself. What do your gremlin voices say to you? We'll work on understanding the sources of your internal narratives and shifting them to work for you instead of against you. We'll identify toxic behaviors in others and work on developing and maintaining strong personal boundaries. We'll set weekly actions that support you and help you develop healthier relationships with the people in your life.

Wayfinding Coaching

per month for 10 months ($3,500.00 total)
Wayfinding Coaching will help you figure out how to create and navigate a life you’re excited to live. Together, we'll answer questions such as: Where are you right now in life? What are your core values? What are the internal narratives you believe about your life? How has your past shaped you and brought you to where you are currently? Who do you want to be? How do you want to show up in the world? What is your Ikigai (reason for being)? How do you know you're on the right path? What guides can you follow along the way? What do you do when you're confused? And then, we'll use the 14 life areas to determine where you’re aligned and where you might be missing the signs pointing you in the direction you want to go.