Sweat Sesh Tuesday Evening Drop-IN

$ CAD10.00
It's time to get your springtime sweat on! Can't commit to the full 6 week enrolment, but still want to get your sweat on? This option is for you!


$ CAD20.00
Like our classes, but not ready to commit? Purchase our single class pass

19.05+0.95GST = total $20.00

First Week Free

$ CAD0.00
This one is for all the newbies! We're so excited that you're going to join us, that we are offering you the entire week for free! That means you can try any regular classes you'd like, whether you're starting with one, or trying them all, find out what your favorite format is, what times work best, and be prepared to get moving and have some fun!

* limit one per client
*' cannot be combined with postpartum pass

Postpartum Initiative Pass

$ CAD0.00
We know that being a new mom is wonderful and amazing but also darn tough! We are proud to support our new moms by offering our postpartum pass which gives new moms with babies between 8-24 weeks old (and dr ok to return to exercise) up to 2 free regular classes a week for 30 days.

Come join other moms just like you, get moving again and keep your baby close by without additional childcare costs. It's amazing what a difference a little exercise can do for your health and your mind. So let's get started!

*cannot be combined with first free week
* one per person/child

4 Class Pass $59.97 + GST

$ CAD62.97
Redeemable for 4 regular classes. Great if you come to an average of 1 class per week
Works out to $15.74 per class
*expires 1 month after first use

8 CLASS PASS $109.97+ GST

$ CAD115.47
Awesome option if you anticipate coming to on average 2 classes / week! Works out to $14.43 per class

*expires 1 month after first use

12 CLASS PASS - $154.97 + GST

$ CAD162.72
12 CLASS PASS is perfect if you plan on coming to 3 classes per week! Works out to $13.56 / class

*expires 1 month after first use


$ CAD178.47
All the Hot Mama you can handle! Access to all regular classes AND pre-registered classes too. WHAT?!?! How awesome is that?? Perfect if you plan to come to 4 classes per week.

Expires one month after first use.

*excludes Bodysmarts nutrition classes


$ CAD188.97
Crazy up in the air schedule? Big holidays planned? No worries - we have you covered with the 10 CLASS PUNCH CARD. Valid for 6 months after first use.

4 Class Pass Gift Certificate

$ CAD62.97
$59.97+$3 GST = $62.97
Contact me Natalie (natalie@hotmamafit.com) directly for more gift certificate options. I can customize them to any amount or package.