Relationship Education (1 Couple)

$ AUD900.00
8 x 60 minute education sessions for one couple, working through the Hold Me Tight relationship enrichment program. Includes a copy of the book (Hold Me Tight) and associated materials.
This program involves between-session practice by the couple at home.
Can also be purchased in 2 x 4-session packages.

Relationship Education Program (1 Couple) - half payment

$ AUD450.00
Split payment for full 8 session program into two parts (good for four sessions each).

Relationship Education Program (2 couples)

$ AUD1400.00
Have another couple you are good friends with? Share this experience (although not the private conversations!) with them, and save money too. This program consists of 8 x 90 minute sessions covering the Hold Me Tight relationship enrichment program, and costs $700 per couple.
Cost includes course materials, a copy of the book for each couple and provides opportunity for between-session practice conversations of the material in the privacy of your own home.

Relationship Education Program (2 couples) - half payment

$ AUD700.00
Half payment for the 2 Couple Relationship Education program. Covers 4 x 90 minute sessions.