Existing Together

First Time Astrology Reading Gift Card

When you buy someone a gift card for an astrology reading, you are promoting this person's tendency to shine. It's an hour of affirmation, deep inquiry, contextualizing one's experience within the cosmos, and permission to inhabit ourselves fully!

Quarterly Astrology Magic for Individuals

This is a gift for anyone you love to receive 4 (four!) astrology readings throughout the course of a year. Your love can use this to receive astrology insights for the upcoming quarter four times, to learn meditation and energetic tools, study relationships in their lives through the lens of astrology, etc. It's a combination of all the modalities I use to support someone you love through a year of breathing deeply and not missing their lives!

Quarterly Astrology Magic for Couples

Tend to your relationship with quarterly readings, or give this gift to a couple you know. (Great as a wedding gift to support people in their first year of marriage!) Part therapeutic, part healing, part celebration of our uniqueness, these sessions will help you SEE each other newly, with more depth and clarity. Nothing helps a relationship shine more than the acknowledgment available when we look at it as the living thing it is, through the loving eyes of Astrology and awareness. These sessions are about acknowledging each other and ourselves with immense compassion, love, and joy.

Quarterly Parent/Child Astrology Magic

Go deeper on your parenting journey, using your child's and your astrological birth charts as a jumping off place (or support a family you know by gifting this package to them!). We'll investigate the places of flow and places of tension in your relationship through the lens of astrology, and come up with assignments that respect your differences, needs, and your child's developmental moment. Through meditation, presence, breathing, humor, and a deep knowledge of development, these readings will support you in loving your child, yourself, and the moment you are in together, more. This is about ensuring that you don't miss out on any part of your child's life, or your life, through deep inquiry and attention.