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Yoga and Wellness with Edina Online Programme 2023

per month
I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these times, as much as possible.

I have been busy finding the best way to keep our classes and offerings going, so you will have to be able to stay with your yoga practice and also to stay healthy through these couple of months.

During the past year I have been researching in depth how the immune system works (it was for personal reasons and also professional: I have a science background from the pharma industry and now from yoga therapy too).

I did not want to just offer you online yoga classes as I know how important it is to also stay sane and inspired every day.
This has inspired me to put together an online programme which incorporates mostly yoga and yogic techniques, but also we will tune into staying committed to breathing and mindfulness you can add to your life to enrich every moment.

From the research I have done for a year now, I know, that there is more sides to health, not just yoga, not just healthy eating but much more.

The programme I have designed, will include:

a minimum of
3x 60-75minutes long live online yoga sessions (similar to what we have been doing), you will get the recording
3x 30-400min long online sessions dedicated to breath, meditation, restoration, high intensity exercise, power yoga
3x Mini Courses on the Chakras, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Basics or similar - These are special add-ons you will get included in the programme and you can do them any time.
1x 1-2-1 online Yoga Mentoring for you - you can use this to build your practice or to address a yoga therapy related goal.