GIFT CERTIFICATE: Remote Light Language Energy Clearing for Pets

This is the perfect gift for the friend whose pet is more than just a pet!

Animals are infinitely loving reminders that we are worthy of copious amounts of love, exactly as we are now. They are wonderful at sensing energy but this can also contribute to their absorbing energy that does not always serve them - especially when it is done in loving service to energetically assist their owner. This is why energy clearings are such thoughtful gifts for pets. And because light language transfers healing light-codes so effectively, animals only require a short period of time in the flow of this high vibration energy to benefit from it.

Helpful Information:
- This gift certificate is good for one pet to receive a 15 minute Light Language Energy clearing session.
- This remote session takes place by zoom.
- This gift certificate is valid for 90 days after purchase.
- After your purchase, you will receive a receipt by email that contains a Gift Certificate that you can print or forward to your friend.

Transformational Packages

Quantum Repatterning 3-Month Package

per month for 3 months ($777.00 total)
Challenges that come up in your life are always opportunities for growth and greater alignment but if you're confronted with patterns that you can't seem to shift, you may benefit from inviting in divine assistance. Likewise, when you are clear about what you want and are ready to step into that new reality with power, bringing in divine assistance can only support you further!

In these sessions, your overlighting Archangels, Divine Guides, and I work with the quantum field to either transmute aspects of your 3D experiences that you are ready to shift (eg. patterns based in ancestral ties, tribal programs, etc) OR instate energy signatures that you would like to have active in your energy field.

This is done while these aspects are in their smallest, non-physical, energetic state which creates powerful shifts that can often be felt immediately and experienced in your manifested world soon afterwards.

In our 3 months together you will receive:

- 1 - 30 Minute Quantum Prep & Intention Session
- 3 - 60 Minute Quantum Repatterning Sessions (1 per month for 3 months)
- 1 - 60 Minute pre-recorded Light Language SOUL Bath to support your process
- Recordings of all sessions

When you KNOW you are ready for a shift, your guides and I are here to support you!

With love,