✧ Multi-Session Options ✧

Beyond the Basics Clarity Bundle

The Beyond the Basics Clarity Bundle is for those who have completed either a clairvoyant or personal empowerment program. The bundle includes one (1) 90-minute One-to-One Guided Session plus one (1) 20-minute energy check.

(These sessions are valued at $330 if purchased separately.) If you are looking for only a one-to-one session or energy check, please use the individual session links. *Package expires after 30 days.

Three (3) Session Reading/Healing Bundle

This healing package offers three (3) 45-minute readings guided by your focus and intention to heal a particular area in your life. Sessions are scheduled every week for three (3) consecutive weeks.*

In each session, you will receive healing, guidance, and spiritual support for those times you are stuck, at a crossroads, about to make a decision, or looking for deep spiritual healing and release. *Package expires 40 days after purchase.

Clairvoyant Healing Intensive (4) Session Bundle

This bundle is good for 4 (four) 60-minute Reading/Healing sessions. Please note this is a healing intensive designed with intention and focus.

The package expires 2 months after purchase.