Multi-Session Reading/Healing Bundles

Clairvoyant Healing (4) Session Package

every 2 weeks for 4 weeks ($540.00 total)
This clairvoyant healing package offers four (4) weeks of spiritual support, insight, and healing to help guide you on your journey. A healing package helps in those times you are feeling stuck, at a crossroads, about to make a decision, or looking to find clarity, deeper meaning, and gain a greater understanding of your journey.

(IMPORTANT: This one-month healing option includes four (4) weekly 45-MINUTE sessions and is designed by agreement and intention. The payment is split into two payments of $270.00. The full package cost is $540.00

VIP On the Go (5) Session Mini-Read Package

VIP On the Go readings offer a brief glimpse into the energy you're currently experiencing while on the go in your day-to-day life. The VIP On the Go package is good for 5 (five) 15-minute sessions. Take a moment to re-group and re-align with a quick read! (Please note these readings are not recorded and will not go over 15 minutes.)

Personal Empowerment Partnerships (Mentoring)

PEP Mentoring (1) Single 90 minute Session

Mentoring sessions are guided spirit-to-spirit partnerships to enhance your spiritual development and bring clarity to your vision and goals. Sessions are designed to empower your journey, expand your clarity, enhance clairvoyant abilities, and bring the whole self into alignment with your vision and purpose.

Single sessions are a great way to reset and replenish your energy and space. In this session you are guided through a deprogramming and/or clearing to re-balance and return into alignment with self.

PEP Mentoring (2) Session Package

This package is for 2 Personal Empowerment Partnership Mentoring sessions. The PEP 2 purchase is good for 2 (two) 90-minute sessions each. Sessions are scheduled once a week for two weeks. Each session guides you through a deprogramming and/or clearing for the purpose of opening up a space for increased clarity and a greater sense of alignment with your vision. ($50 off two single session purchases.)