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AIAC Ongoing Acting Classes

$10.00 initial setup plus $179.00 per month
Ongoing training at AIAC features mastery of the Liechty Technique, a succinct and effective approach to developing your own fail-safe acting process that insures your best work no matter the circumstances. Developed through professional experience and intensive studies of Stanislavski, Meisner, Uta Hagen, David Mamet, Grotowski, and others, you will learn the best of the best, igniting your confidence and prowess as a working, booking actor.

AIAC Ongoing CLASS PLUS (+30-Min Weekly Individual Training)

$10.00 initial setup plus $279.00 per month
This course is for the actor who truly wants to accelerate their training. With the Class Plus option you will not only get the intensive training of your weekly AIAC class (3.5 hours) you will also get a 30-Minute Individual Weekly Training Session. In that session specific training and guidance will be given to help you more quickly assimilate the mastery of the technique, moving you rapidly up the training system, building your confidence and solidifying your individual, fail-safe acting process at a rapid-fire pace.

AIAC Ongoing Individual Training

$10.00 initial setup plus $209.00 per month
Ongoing 30-minute weekly individual training. Actors will schedule their weekly training sessions as fits into their calendars. You will receive intensive, one-on-one technique training which will enhance your performances and auditioning at an accelerated pace.

AIAC Youth Core Ongoing Acting Classes

$10.00 initial setup plus $149.00 per month
This course is for the highly motivated young actor ages 9 to 12. Just as other AIA Students, Youth Core Actors are taught the extremely effective Liechty Technique which helps them develop a fail-proof acting process that can bring out their best work from audition to booking. Giving this opportunity at such a young age will boost the confidence of your young actor and put them on an early path to success.