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Packages/Gift Cards

1 hour Massage Therapy

1 hour Massage Therapy

Yoga & Massage | 90 mins

Enjoy this powerful & enjoyable combination!

Yin Flow + Nidra

per month
Yin Flow +Yoga Nidra to calm the nervous system + strengthen the immune system. Guided Visualizations to guide towards open and gentle exploration.
Mondays | 545pm-645pm

60 minutes of spaciousness, guided visualizations and yoga nidra

Unlimited Membership

per month
Unlimited Classes! Auto-Renew
You will have access to ALL the classes ~ themed, outdoor, virtual and studio classes!
You will also have access to a media library of recorded classes!

Month to Month membership, cancel at any time and have access through the end of that billing period!

12 Class Card ~ online/studio

You can use this class card for ALL virtual, in studio and outdoor classes. You will also have access to recorded videos to enjoy at any time you like!

Om Package

Om Package
One Month Unlimited Yoga
livestream, on demand, outdoor & in person yoga classes +
90 min. Massage Therapy with
Loving Wings Wellness OM serum -calming, centering, balancing--Frankincense, Sweet-Orange, Lemon, Sandalwood, Bergamot
Regular price ~ $296
Black Friday price ~ $236
SAVE $60

Gift Package | 4 ~ 1hr Private sessions

Choose any combination of 4 ~ 1 hour Private Sessions
Massage, Private Yoga, Resilience Coaching

Save $30 with this package :)

Resilience Program

This 12 week program is designed to support you in experiencing powerful insights that are then developed into sustainable changes in your mental and physical habits.
You will have access to ALL yoga classes available on the schedule (for 12 weeks) and 6 coaching sessions.
Access more energy and joy~

Summer River Yoga Retreat

Summer 2021 weekend River Retreat
Get prepared for the sweetest of gatherings along the Ocoee River, in person with like-minded people. Sharing stories around a fire, finally exhaling after a long year of holding our breath ~ Let's re-unite . xoxo
More details coming...
Trust you will want to join this special event.

Move Your Energy

per month
Move Your Energy series
Thursdays | 5:15p-6:15p | 60 mins
Commit to Change, consistency in practice is powerful
This mind/body practice is dedicated to freeing energy in your system, release stress and tension by moving and feeling challenged. This month There will be a kriya offered that is designed to enhance the immune system. Be prepared to move in a way that creates heat/sweat and see where you hold yourself back and where you "push too far" *If you have taken my "power yoga" classes at other locations....this will be more along those lines ~

* you will be automatically added to each class and reminders will be sent ~ you can make up missed class with other classes offered but must be made up within the 4 weeks