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$25 Gift Certificate

This gift certificate can be used for any course, private session, or drop in class up to $25.

$50 Gift Certificate

This gift certificate can be redeemed for any upcoming course, drop-in class, or private session. Please use the code provided when scheduling your session.

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This is a certificate good for $80 worth of services to be used toward any course, weekly drop in, workshop, or private session.


New Student Introductory-Group

Join us for 4 classes at a special introductory price. Use the code provided after your purchase to register for the class you want to attend. You MUST register in advance to hold your spot.
No refunds.
Expires in 30 days after purchase.

10 Private Yoga Sessions

You are a busy professional, or perhaps a overwhelmed student, wife or mother. You need a practice that is tailored to your specific needs and goals that will get you tools to cope with the stress of wearing too many hats. Teaching 1x1 is my absolute favorite way to teach. I started teaching private yoga because I yearned for a space to really help people achieve the goals they were looking for at an individual and personal level. Yoga’s effect is powerful when we learn how to use its ancient wisdom. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in a group setting. I love to meet you where you are at and focus your session on your individual goals.
Imagine feeling more powerful, productive and present in your career, home and family. Imagine finding a deeper connection with yourself and those you love the most.
I have been teaching since 2005 and discovered life changing effects through a consistent, deep, and personal study of yoga. As I began a daily practice of ancient yogic tools and principles, it radically changed the way I related to myself and others.
Yoga can be a very personal, and for some, even a spiritual practice that can assist you in greater balance, fluidity, and flexibility in mind, body and spirit. Private yoga sessions are highly beneficial in providing you with personalized and in-depth growth in your yoga practice. These sessions are wonderful for the beginning student to the advanced. Small groups may also use this certficate.

3 Introductory Private Sessions

This is an introductory package for private yoga sessions. This package may only be purchased one time, and the three session may be scheduled using the code during the times that are available.