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Competitive Edge

Uniquely designed for the athlete in active competition, this package includes 1/ Flotation Session and 2/ 40 Minute Full Body Infrared Red LightStim Sessions. A 40 minute Full Body Infrared Red light LED Session pre-event will help produce ATP and Nitric Oxide increasing energy, stamina, and overall performance. Post-event, enjoy a relaxing Float. Calm the mind and work out the minor kinks before heading into another 40-minute Full Body Infrared Red Light LED session to regenerate muscle tissue, ease pain and refill the ATP and Nitric Oxide.....BOOM.

Competitive Edge - 5 session package

This includes a Pre-event 40-minute Full Body Infrared Red Light LED session then the post-event recovery 60-minute Float and 40-Minute Full body Infrared Red Light LED session. Get to your maximum performance level!