Revitalize Pain & Stress Relief Centre

Competitive Edge

Uniquely designed for the athlete in active competition, this package includes 1 Flotation Session and 2 40 Minute Full Body LED LightStim Sessions. A 40 minute LED Session pre-event will help produce ATP and Nitric Oxide increasing energy, stamina and overall performance. Post event, enjoy a relaxing Float. Calm the mind and work out the minor kinks before heading into another 40 minute LED session to regenerate muscle tissue, ease pain and refill the ATP and Nitric Oxide.....BOOM.

Competitive Edge - 5 session package

This includes Pre-event 40-minute LED session then the post-event recovery 60 minute Float and 40-Minute LED session. Get to your maximum performance level!


This is the Full Monty! You can sample all THREE therapies. A single session in the Himalayan Salt room, a single session Float session and a single 20 minute session in the LED Room.
Schedule them the same day or on different days, your choice!
IF you wish to schedule all 3 session on one day please call us to arrange the session times.

LED LightStim (Front or Back) 20 Minute, 5 Session Package

This is the best bang for your buck! If you just want to target a specific area (front or back) on the LED LightStim Bed this is it.

LED LightStim (Front, Back and Face) 40 Minute Session, 5 Session Package

The full Monty. Our LED LightStim Full session (front, back and face) in 5 forty minute sessions. A $ 150.00 savings. IF USED AS CERTIFICATE, EXPIRES 90 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE.

LED LightStim (Front and Back) 40 Minute Session, 5 Session Package

Awesome Value! 5 Sessions for your front and back for 40 minutes with improved energy and decreased pain. Win-Win!

LED Anti-Aging Face Panel 20 mintue, 5 Session Package

The Anit-Aging LED Face Panel for 5 individual session. Enjoy!

MB3 Gift Certificate

This is the very popular package to enjoy all that Revitalize has to offer in Pain & Stress Relief.

LED LightStim (Front or Back) 20 Minute Session - Gift Certificate

Fantastic! We now have a 20 minute LED LightStim session specifically targeted for your problem areas (front or back). Your Choice!

LED LightStim (Front and Back) 40 Minute Session - Gift Certificate

The is the wonderful 40 minute LED LightStim therapy session for your front and back without the Anti-Aging Face Panel.

LED Anti-Aging Face Panel 20 Minute Session - Gift Certificate

A 20 mintue session with the Anti-Aging Face Panel helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen production! You will look marvelous!

LED LightStim (Front, Back and Face) 40 minute Session - Gift Certificate

Lucky you! A unique therapy to rebuild and relax your MINDANDBODY. This session includes the Anti-Aging Face Panel along with your Front and Back LED Bed Session. .

Flotation Suite Individual, 5 Session Package

This is 5 individual Flotation Suite sessions ( 60 minutes) This is a $ 70.00 savings.

Flotation Suite, (couples/two people) 5 Session Package

Our Flotation Suite for Two in a 5 Session package ( 60 minutes). A $ 50.00 savings.

Flotation Suite Gift Certificate

60 minutes of heaven! Float your way to relaxation in our deluxe ( 8' x 8' ) flotation suite.

Flotation Suite, (couples/two people) Gift Certificate

A perfect way to relax and share the Flotation experience with a special someone!

Himalayan Salt for Two-Gift Certificate


Himalayan Salt Room Gift Certificate

A single session in our soothing Himalayan Salt Room. 45 minutes of quiet relaxation while you improve your respiratory health and soothe irritated skin. Enjoy!

Himalayan Salt Room, 5 Session Package

This is our 5 session individual package for the Himalayan Salt Room. A $ 40.00 savings.

Group Himalayan Salt Session for 6

Group session in our Himalayan Salt Room for 6 people.
PLEASE contact us to schedule your group session.
Book the entire Salt Room for a private session for your group.
Ideal for book clubs, business meetings, birthday surprise, family get togethers, bridal showers.
This is non refundable if someone from your group does not attend.