Personalized Packages

Soul Attunement Series

Soul Attunement Series is an immersive alignment process! Start to identify and release negative energy patterns, a clear pathway to manifest life passion, access your soul energy patterns, and implement skills for an abundance mindset!

Soul Coaching +Heart

Soul Coaching + Heart,
Transform Your Life Through The Power of Holistic Creativity

Soul coaching is focused on getting to the center of the essence through self-exploration, self-awareness, and the willingness to face up to yourself. You might be asking yourself why am I here and what is my purpose? Sometimes we struggle, lose direction, drift from here to there, and feel unfulfilled. This process will initiate you to focus on the questions about your center and support you in implementing the answers for transforming your life.

What is Soul Coaching?
It is about spiritual transformation and digging deep into the questions of your soul core and leaning into the wonders of your holistic identity to develop and implement a path towards a holistic lifestyle. This is your philosophy for what it means to live life well. You have been conditioned and thus have moved away from, you’re unique spark! Start to challenge those limiting beliefs!

What is included:
(4) 30-minute zoom Soul Coaching call
(2) 30-minute Distance Reiki Intuitive Healing session
+ Access thru 2-way text communication for laser guidance

+ soul attunement kit
+ immersive Brainspotting session