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AromaReiki Healing Touch (120mins)


In Person - Private Reading (30mins)


In Person - Private Reading (60mins)


Infrared Sauna & Reiki Session


Phone - Private Reading (30mins)


Phone- Private Reading (60mins)


Reading & Reiki (60mins)


Reiki & ThetaHealing Combo (90mins)


Reiki Session (120mins)


Reiki Session (60mins)


Reiki Session (90mins)


Video - Private reading (30mins)


Video- Private Reading (60mins)


15min Prerecorded Video Reading


30min. Prerecorded Video Reading


$25 Gift Certificate


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$100 Gift Certificate


$125 Gift Certificate


$150 Gift Certificate



Intuitive Life Coaching

per month
Welcome to your weekly empowerment session. 60 mins of whatever it is you wold like to work on. I meet you where you are at and what you desire to work on that week.

Sessions may include but but not limited to:

Clearing, guided meditation, spiritual advising, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, NPMDT & ThetaHealing® Technique.

Reiki & Infrared Sauna

per month

Spiritual Advising Membership

$10.00 initial setup plus $55.00 per week
Looking to integrate a fresh perspective or empathic support to your weekly wellness routine?
Meet up weekly to receive spiritual advising and intuitive mentorship.

Clear and Alignment Sessions

$10.00 initial setup plus $55.00 every 2 weeks
Clear and realign by detoxing your mental & emotional space creating and resetting your energy by decompressing your stress levels and triggers of everyday life with these bi-weekly sessions.

Grieving with Grace

$10.00 initial setup plus $75.00 per week
Are you struggling to heal from the passing of a loved one or are you holding on to guilt or trauma that is connected to a passing or have you experienced the loss or detachment of a close relationship and this person is still living?
All to many times we expect more out of ourselves than what our grief will allow us to accomplish or the time we place on our personal healing to take. Let's decompress you and get you to start feeling better with personalized sessions created for your specific needs. My goal is to allow you to grieve with gentleness and ease while honoring yourself or the situation which has led you to seek more.

Video Reading Membership

$12.00 initial setup plus $99.00 per month
Do you love readings or just need validation on a consistent and reoccurring basis.
Get your Reading Membership and save $12 on every reading

Spiritual Counsel and Respite Therapies

$12.00 initial setup plus $99.00 per month
These sessions are a safe place to unload and process whatever you are going through. This membership is extremely beneficial for those who are seeking a more spiritual and universal approach to your healing and also integrates well with traditional counseling or therapy sessions and works in conjunction to bridge the spiritual aspects of most treatment programs or recovery.

Trainings & Programs

Re-Certification for Reiki Practitioners

This recertification course is a perfect fit if you can answer yes to any of the following questions:

-Have you previously taken a Reiki course and feel as though you need to level up on your skills?

-Do you have a desire to really make Reiki work in your personal life but were not given the appropriate
one on one personal development & skill set with your already existing certification?

-Do you feel as if you have not received adequate one on one or personalized focus on you?

-Do you feel as if you didn't learn what you need to do to start a reiki practice.

- Do you lack confidence in your Reiki knowledge?

- Are you looking to use Reiki to develop your intuition, Psychic abilities or Mediumship skills?

-Do you still have reoccurring patterns, cycles or habits that you thought you could clear with your current

-Do you feel stuck?

- Did you think that you would learn more?

-Did your training not live up to your expectations or feel generic?

- Did you only learn what was taught in the book or manual?

- Were you only given print outs rather than a manual and an unpersonalized course layout?

- Are you thirsty for more?

Establishing Intuitive Development Training

Let's get you started on establishing, developing & honing in on your already existing gifts & tools to add to your repertoire with this 3 hr workshop. This training is also for those who desire assistance and guidance on how to open themselves up to energy work and the holistic healing arts. Please see the consultations listings to schedule a complementary time to chat with me about Sacred Core Ryoho Reiki Programs to answer questions that you may have prior to committing to your training.

Reiki I

Step into the light with Reiki I.
You will begin your Reiki training experience with the history and lineage of Usui Reiki for treatment of self and others including chakra balancing, visualization techniques and breath work to relieve & treat emotional and physical pain and trauma throughout the body using LifeForce energy. achieve your Reiki I Attunement and Certification.

PLEASE NOTE☆☆A Reiki I Certification will only allow the practitioner to donate or trade their reiki skill.
A Reiki II Certification is required to offer paid services for your time and your session.☆☆

Please see the consultations listings to schedule a complementary time to chat with me about Sacred Core Ryoho Reiki Programs.

Reiki II

Up level your Reiki Skills with stepping into the role of a Reiki II practitioner.
The focus is on treating others, establishing your Reiki practice including taking on paying clientelle and how to promote and grow your confidence, skills and new Reiki business.

Please see the consultations listings to schedule a complementary time to chat with me about Sacred Core Ryoho Reiki Programs.

Reiki I & II package training


Reiki Master - Advanced Reiki Techniques

Please see the consultations listings to schedule a complementary time to chat with me about Sacred Core Ryoho Reiki Programs.

Reiki Master Teacher

Please see the consultations listings to schedule a complementary time to chat with me about Sacred Core Ryoho Reiki Programs.

Complete Reiki Master Teacher Training Program

Save $200 on your Reiki journey by committing to your Reiki Master Teacher Certification.
You will Receive Reiki I, II, Advanced Master and Reiki Master Teacher trainings, Attunements and Certifications.

Aroma Reiki I & II Program


Aroma Reiki Master Program

- Reiki I, II, ART, Reiki Master Certifications, attunements & manuals.
- Aroma Reiki training and tools

Intuitive Life Coaching & Aroma Reiki Licensed Master Practioner Program

Become a Master Intuitive Life Coach
It's time to Embrace who you are and where you have been. To empower yourself in this very moment and to evolve to greater heights. This personal expansion, focused program will assist you in releasing trauma, burdens cycles and patterns to assist with flow and balance. E3 was created to guide and teach you to develop new skills and to utilize them as tools for your personal development or to develop and expand your current practice/ career path.
E3 works well alongside with your own intuitive gifts, your already existing wellness or selfcare routine, mental fitness practice and is highly recommended in conjunction with counseling. Take control, establish and expand yourself. You will receive your Reiki I, II & Reiki Master Attunements & Certifications. Students will also receive Aroma Reiki Training and tools. You will be able to take clients while you are training, treat family, friends and pets! This course is excellent for parents, care givers, those who want to add energy work to your everyday life, selfcare & wellness routine or those in the mental health & medical professions as it aids in connecting on a deeper level with the patient, your medical team, increases your caregiving approach and awareness to treat and diagnose the body at a whole other level and healing capacity.
It is easy, safe and effective to add to your tool box.

Wellness Packages

Mind, Body & Spirit Experience


Reiki & Reading


Reiki - Reading - Infrared Sauna