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Beginner Sailors

2019 ASA 101: Basic Keel Boat Course

Sign up for your first class in a series of four classes. Pricing is $595 per person for everything - book, log book, and ten hours sailing instruction.

2019 BUY DISCOUNTED: ASA 101 & 103 Courses

Set sail for your next adventure this 2019 season and gear up for twenty hours of progressive, awesome sailing instruction and cruising.

2019 Try Sail Class **20% OFF THRU 12/25**

Try Sailing Classes have a fresh new appeal to those who love to be outside! They will learn to take the helm, trim their sails, and set their sights on a new adventure and a new rewarding way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Certified Sailors

2019 Islander Renters Package (20 hr)

Planning on sailing as a permanent staycation this 2019 sailing season? Might as well save a buck with discount sailing prices!

2019 Pro Renters Package (8 hr)

Available to certified sailirs only. Ready to feel the spray of the surf and heel with your grip on the tiller again? Get out there this 2019 season with 8 shiny new rental hours at a discounted price!

2019 Refresh Class

Can't wait to get back on the water but want some instruction tailored just for you? Get a refresher course and ask, practice, and build your skills!

2019 ASA 103: Basic Coastal Cruising Course

Sign up for your first class in a series of four classes in this advanced sailing course. Prerequisite: must first complete ASA 101: Basic Keel Boat. Pricing is $595 per person total for everything - book, log book, ten hours sailing instruction.