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Acroyoga and Treatments

Partner Acroyoga Mini Course: 3 Sessions

per week for 3 weeks (£264.00 total)
Explore any element of Acroyoga, partner yoga, Thai massage and work on your confidence and technique in inversions or try out new elements of bodywork with a set of 3 sessons.

Partner Acroyoga 9 Session Semester

per week for 9 weeks (£720.00 total)
This course allows you to refine your skills and work on honing down the details of your technique and style. Embody the best of yourself in your practice to give yourself a chance to make real changes and grow. 9 weeks is a good amount of time to make progress and make a difference longer term. Again you can explore any element of collaborative practice that you have a personal interest in. This course is for clients who are committed to making shifts in their life.


Coaching Consultation

This is a stand alone coaching session to support you on a one off basis, as a booster session, initial consultation to explore whether we are a match in working together.

Nine Lives Yoga is a unique school of social yoga that inspired the evolution of the 4 Pillars of Happiness Method. This process combines the latest neuroscience, with the wisdom of ceremony, the playful spirit of Acroyoga practice and the art of coaching to create a collaborative form of yoga and mindfulness that can transform the way we inter-relate to promote presence, belonging and ultimately happiness.

This session will outline what is involved in the 4 Pillars of Happiness with you at the end of the session.

For info the Full 12 Week Programme Includes:
- Bespoke guidance through the 4 Pillars of Happiness - Useful tools and practices that apply to each of the 12 modules of the course week by week
- Work both on and off the matt
- Yoga and Lifestyle Coaching and Professional Business Coaching will be provided over the course of the programme adapted to suit your aspirations
- 1 x 90 minute 121 Coaching Sessions for 12 consecutive weeks
- 1 x 15 min check in call at your leisure per week during this time
- 1 x weekly exercise to support the week's module including links to supporting materials such as videos, recordings and reading

Mastermind Connection

£50.00 initial setup plus £77.00 per month for 6 months (£512.00 total)
What is Included? 

A monthly group coaching container for consciously minded professionals to be frank about your challenges, propel eachother forward, see eachothers' blind spots and help guid one another to find solutions and refine your approach using our tried and tested coaching method.

Receive VIP invitation to specialist webinar workshops on core essential topics such as:

- How to get booked out and create a surplus of clients
- Improve your social media presence
- Getting good with numbers (beliefs around money and practical tools)
- Writing robust T&C's and contracts (everyone's favourite thing!)
-Negotiating with bigger business 
- Putting proposals and packages together
- Winning funding
- Designing kick-ass online content
- Business Boundaries - the importance of knowing your boundaries and sticking to them, to create more grounded relationships in business, become more trustworthy as a brand, and uphold your professional integrity. 
- Business ethics - consent, boundaries and authenticity both with clients and in partnerships so you can stand strong in your own integrity

-Accountability, support and personal encouragement through our buddy system. 

You can be anywhere in the world to do this course 

It fits completely with your schedule as all the content is available online

With lifetime access you can learn at your own pace and use the tools again and again 


4 Pillars of Happiness Course

per week for 12 weeks (£1800.00 total)
Nine Lives Yoga is a unique school of social yoga that inspired the evolution of the 4 Pillars of Happiness Method.

Over 12 weeks we explore the 4 pillars of practice: Peace, Power, Purpose and People.

This course offers useful tools and practices in a step by step structure that allows you to set yourself up for success to bring your life into balance, and integrate the 4 pillars of happiness into your lifestyle.

Benefits include:
* Shed old stories, emotional blocks and patterns of behaviour that have been holding you back
* Discover accessible tools and practices you can take home with you and use day to day
* Have accountability to commit to be the best of yourself throughout the programme
* Set up a routine that suits your schedule
* Have personal coaching and support from Cat Duval
* Dedicate time to focus on your vision, mission and purpose
* Learn strategies to empower yourself at times when you have spiralled into negative patterns of behaviour in the past, to break destructive patterns and create new positive ones
* Be guided through a step by step programme where you get out what you put in
* Implement a tried and tested system that works
* Commit to a programme that see's you through the tough times and helps you overcome resistance, empowering you to create your life with intention and vision

This programme has helped clients take control of their mindset and emotional landscape, start the business of their dreams, take huge leaps to build confidence, and step into their power with a clear sense of purpose.

Programme is structured as follows:
* One to one coaching with Cat Duval
* 90 mins personal coaching per week for 12 weeks face to face or online
* Recorded meditations
* Video resources
* Written resources about the practices we use
* 1 x 15 min check-in call each week with Cat x 12 (these do not carry over)
* VIP Discounts on events, workshops and retreats Cat is running ongoing
* Access to a community of like minded people by way of a growing Facebook group of clients, consciously minded individuals and entrepreneurs who are in the same boat. Aspiring to be their best, and having the courage to look their fears in the eye and set themselves free.