Self Love Sessions Program

$ AUD333.00
An EXCLUSIVE time-sensitive offer for LIFETIME ACCESS to the ENTIRE Self Love Sessions Program. 😍


Your time.



3 Session MindBodySpirit Mentoring Package

$ AUD750.00
+ 3x Fortnightly 1-on-1 Sessions
+ Sessions include NLP reprogramming, Spiritual Coaching, EFT, Master-level Reiki energy healing, intuitive Astrology guidance, and oracle card & Tarot readings. All growth tools are implemented as needed/requested for a genuinely holistic and deeply integrative Mentoring experience that builds breakthroughs upon breakthroughs to facilitate your freedom from fear, forever. Welcome to your Highest Self, Highest Love, & Highest Life, angel!
+ Includes ongoing Voice Memo coaching support in between sessions
+ Is valid for 10 Weeks from purchase