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Class Packages & Sessions

YogaLates Early Bird Package

Early Bird package for all 12 classes until Dec 16. Saving $75. Yogalates is a mixture of Pilates & yoga. Get a workout that increases core strength & improves posture, whilst increasing flexibility & reducing stiffness.

The Pilates exercises are aimed at strengthening the core abdominal muscles, which support the spine & assist in good posture. The aim is to perform exercises that tone the whole body so that alignment and body awareness is improved. Traditional yoga poses are also taught.

1 month Unlimited Classes

1 month of unlimited classes in person and zoom. Once purchased you will be given a code to use to redeem for classes. If you have any issues, email 4allyoga@gmail.com
This is not valid for special workshops that are added.

10 Pack

Save with the 10 Pack. Expires 1 yr after purchase.
Good for Regularly scheduled classes

10 Pack Lunch

This is a 10 pack for Lunch 30 min classes only. Expires after 6 months and you can book your classes way in advance if needed or drop in based on spots open.

4 Class pack

When you purchase this package from our online store you will be given a randomly generated code, emailed to you.
You or 4 All Yoga can use that code to redeem immediately using quick link provided, or redeem it over time.
When you or 4 All Yoga redeem the code it will deduct appointments booked from the balance of your package.

This package is for 4 classes in 60 days .

1 Month Unlimited Zooms

One month of as many Zoom classes as you can handle !!! Email 4allyoga@gmail.com to select which classes you would like access to.

Gift Certificates

$100 Gift Certificate

A $100 Gift certificate for someone to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.

You will be emailed a PDF & PNG to print off :)


4 Classes Monthly Subscription

per month for 12 months (CA$720.00 total)
4 Classes for the price of 3!! Good for 4 classes in a month . Most group classes are sold as 4 class sessions because they fill quickly. If there is a drop in availble it is $21.25 per class and only if there is an open spot.

Unlimited Monthly Group Classes with Denise

per month for 12 months (CA$1,200.00 total)
The Ultimate commitment to your Self Care . Package includes: Unlimited group classes at 4 All Yoga per month!
Renews every month automatically