Compassionate Canine Training LLC


POLITE PUPPY private sessions

For puppies from 8 – 20 Weeks Old (5 months)
6 – 1 hour sessions

Solutions for all of your puppy frustrations and managing your new puppy as well as beginning obedience cues of sit, down, place and loose leash walking along in one class. We will show your puppy how to get what they want by doing something you LIKE, instead of behaviors that are in appropriate, the we don't have to break bad habits like jumping, nipping and stealing things later in life.

MANNERLY MUTT private sessions

For puppies from 5 – 9 Months Old
5 - one hour sessions

Building on Polite Puppy skills we will be helping your dog to learn that responding to cues can happen no matter where they are or what distracting things are going on. Introducing the stay and heel cues, working on focusing on the handler while on a long leash and greeting of people and dogs appropriately while walking.

TENACIOUS TEENS private sessions

For young dogs from 9 months and older
5 - one hour sessions

We all know that teenagers forget how to listen. This class keeps you in communication with your teen dog as they begin to get crazy, act stubborn and possibly flat-out disobey you.

Staying on track with training makes the troublesome behavior go away faster with less stress. Working on obedience on a long leash in both indoor and outdoor setting. Our training games will keep your dog engaged and in connection with you to make their transition from crazy puppy to good dog easy on you and your family.

REAL LIFE ROVER - private sessions

For young dogs from 2 years and older
Five - 1 hour sessions

We all know older teens "forget" the rules. or maybe you have rescued an older dog and need help brushing up their skills. This class keeps you in communication with your dog as they become more independent, act stubborn and/or possibly flat-out disobey you.

Staying on track with training makes the troublesome behavior go away faster with less stress. Our training games will keep your dog engaged and in connection with you in the easiest way for you and your family.


REACTIVE RECOVERY (5pk) private sessions

Six - 1 hour sessions held weekly. Setting up foundation skills for both handler and dog so you are prepared in any situation. Working to solve your dogs over-reactivity in world. This class is tailored to you YOUR dogs specific reactivity issues, whether they are resource guarding or over reactive to other dogs on a leash.

You and your dog will learn to work together when confronted with the triggers that cause your dog to over react. We will use basic obedience skills, special emergency management behaviors and fun training games to change your dog’s response and teach him skills to manage in the world in a calmer way.

BEAUTIFUL B.A.T. - private sessions (Behavior Adjustment Training)

Real life training for the over-reactive dog. This class includes a 1.5 hour orientation/training day and 4 hands on training sessions. This class is held outdoors on large open areas so the dogs are able to work in the presence of the trigger for their aggression/fear.

We will help your dog acclimate to the people/dogs by showing them the option to make better choices. We will train acceptable behaviors to replace the behaviors you are frustrated by. Safety & management skills for the owner also builds confidence in real life scenarios. This will allow your dog to change his emotional response to the things in life that cause him to over-react.

Behavior Transformation 3pk - Private Sessions

Three - 1 hour Classes.

Goal Specific training to change bad habits into good choices.
This package will provide you the training tools you need to work begin transforming your dogs frustrating behaviors. Typically one or two behaviors can be covered in 3 sessions.


Train for Success Package

Black Friday Special - TRAIN FOR SUCCESS PROGRAM can be purchased from 11/29/2019-12/03/2019. (Retail Value $440.00)

The best of both worlds, together in one bundle.
Phone Consultation to select the correct class for you.
One (1) five week group dog training program
Two (2), hour long In-Home Private training sessions.
** Support via email/phone for anything covered in our classes.

This program is not offered at any other time.

You must book your classes by FEBRUARY 28, 2020, although you can ATTEND classes anytime in 2020.

Please feel free to call if you have ANY questions and review our class policies and cancellation requirements when you register for class dates. I look forward to working with you and your family.


Kelly Keeney
(732) 930-1364

zz PRIVATES Discounted for Prepaid SINGLE Session

Elite Canine GOLDEN Obedience Package

$195.00 savings - Package of all three levels of the group Obedience program plus additional training add-ons

Private In Home -Polite Puppy (425.00 value)
Group Mannerly Mutt (250.00 value)
Group Tenacious Teens ($250.00 value)
Advanced Class Introduction (2) ($120.00 value)
3 - Thirty minute phone follow-ups. ($120.00 value)
DIY Enrichment for Dogs E-Book

Elite Canine SILVER Obedience Package

$125.00 SAVINGS - Package of all three levels of the Group classes plus additional training add ons.

Group Polite Puppy ($250.00) 5 weeks
Group Mannerly Mutt ($250.00) 5 weeks
Group Tenacious Teen ($250.00) 5 weeks
Two hours Advanced Introduction ($120.00)
Two 30 minute phone session ($80.00)
DIY Enrichment book for dogs ($25.00)