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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Monthly Payment

per month for 10 months ($1750.00 total)

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Down Payment


Blossom- 4 Classes Per Month

per month
Thank you for your gift of $27 per month in return, our gift to you is 4 classes per month.
(Does not include Events or Workshops)

Bud- 8 Class Pack

Thank you for your gift of $44 in return, our gift to you is 8 weekly schedule classes.
(Does not include Events or Workshops)


per month
We want to bring Yoga to as many people as we can, do you want to help us?? Do you want to give to SOLY but don’t live close by? This is an affordable membership that gives us the opportunity to give Yoga Scholarships to those who don’t have the financial means to practice. We have a HUGE mission and if you can, we love the help!

Early Riser Six Week Series

Are you an early riser? Do you want to get your practice in before work or school? We have created a series just for you! In this six week series, we will practice self love and care and create habits of practice. Can you commit to just 6 weeks for your mind, body, and soul!

Garden: Sustaining Family Plan

per month
Kids can be expensive and we know that activities can add up!! We also know how important it is for kids to learn about mindfulness in a supportive environment. This sustaining membership is for you your family( members who live in your house) no matter how many kids you have.
The automatic monthly donation of $88 covers anyone (adults or children) who live in your house for as many weekly classes as you would like.

Your $88 helps bring your family to practice while helping others who may not be financially fortunate to practice too!
Thank you for supporting yourselves and the community!

Grow - 5 class pack

Thank you for your gift of $33, in return, our gift to you is 5 weekly schedule classes.
(Does not include Events or Workshops)

Journey to the peak series

Each yoga sequence is often created with a peak pose in mind. In this class we take it through a six week process. Weaving together intelligent progressions of Asana each week to lead us into a posture we possibly never imagined we could do.
As we move down the path toward our goal we will come across blocks and challenges Along the way. This course teaches up how to translate what we learn on the mat to how we move off the mat. We will move through fears and worries along this journey, but on the other side you will see just what you are capable of.

Kids Yoga, 8 Classes


Kundalini Six Sunday Series

Six weeks of Kundalini Yoga. When we commit to the practice we commit to ourselves. Series classes are a great way to commit to yourself and take steps into transformation.
We believe wholeheartedly in the practice of Yoga and know that in order to fully experience the benefits, there needs to be a weekly commitment. Series classes are designed to bring you to a goal. To challenge you and help you grow. Take the time to commit to yourself TODAY! No one else can give you a gift like you can give yourself.

Private Yoga

This package is redeemable for One Private Yoga Session Of 75 minutes.

Private Yoga 10 Sessions

This package is redeemable for Ten Private Yoga Sessions Of 75 minutes each.

Private Yoga 3 Sessions

This package is available to use for Three Private Yoga Classes Of 75 minutes each.

Seedling 3 Class Pack

Thank you for your gift of $22 in return, our gift to you is 3 weekly schedule classes.
(Does not include Events or Workshops)

Shine - Annual Membership Donation

All donors who donate $550 are gifted 12 Months of Unlimited Weekly Classes

Bloom- Sustaining Member

per month
Seedling Sustainers get unlimited weekly classes , Seeds of Love Yoga Decal, and 50% of your monthly community contribution will pay for one class a week for someone who can't otherwise afford to pay for classes. Thank you for your contribution and membership in the Seeds of Love Community

Private Gift Certificate

One Private Yoga Session

Exchangectgis GC for one private 75 minute Session.
Not redeemable for cash.

Ten Private Yoga Sessions

Ten 75 minute private yoga sessions. Not Redeemable for Cash.

Three Private Yoga Sessions

Not Redeemable for cash.