Mchone Performance Training


9speedtool and dragon pearl workshop

The 9speedtool and dragon pearl act as amplifiers for our entire body. Their use brings about more harmony and coordination into our entire organism. They teach our bodies how to communicate better with itself, and how to organize & articulate our bodies under a dynamic load thru rhythmically oriented movement patterns, partner games, feedback tools and power exploration.
Why do we need this? Because we want to have a sustainable healthy practice that not only enriches our already existing practices, but also allows us to keep doing them with in our lives for many years to come. FM is not as interested in how big your muscles are or how fast you can get a “workout” in. It is more interested in how intelligent your muscles fibers are, how well you can articulate your joints with or without a load, building more creativity, Bio-diversity, and a higher degree of quality in our movements while saving energy.