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FlexFit Monthly Training Programs

FlexFit 3X

$10.00 initial setup plus $25.00 per month
FlexFit 3X (3 days a week):

This program is ideal for those looking for an effective and manageable fitness routine. With three carefully structured workouts per week, you'll have ample time to recover while making steady progress towards your fitness goals. Whether you have access to a commercial gym or prefer working out at home with minimal equipment, FlexFit 3X ensures a well-rounded and invigorating experience.

FlexFit 4X

$10.00 initial setup plus $30.00 per month
FlexFit 4X (4 days a week):

Stepping up the intensity, FlexFit 4X is perfect for individuals seeking a more active approach to their fitness regimen. Offering four diverse workouts every week, this program strikes the right balance between consistency and variety, helping you build strength, endurance, and confidence. You'll have the flexibility to adapt the workouts to your schedule and available equipment, making it a versatile and rewarding experience.

FlexFit 5X

$10.00 initial setup plus $35.00 per month
FlexFit 5X (5 days a week):

Designed for those committed to a more robust fitness routine, FlexFit 5X offers five energizing workouts each week. Whether you're eager to challenge yourself further or target specific fitness goals, this program delivers a well-rounded mix of exercises to keep you engaged and motivated. With ChiroFix FlexFit's expertly curated workout plans, you'll be well on your way to unlocking your full potential.

FlexFit 6X

$10.00 initial setup plus $40.00 per month
FlexFit 6X (6 days a week):

For the dedicated fitness enthusiasts seeking to maximize their results, FlexFit 6X is the pinnacle of our offerings. With six invigorating workouts per week, this program is perfect for those who thrive on consistent challenges and are committed to elevating their fitness to new heights. While providing ample room for growth and improvement, FlexFit 6X promises to redefine your limits and set you on an inspiring fitness journey like no other.