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Manifest It Wellness Gift Certificate

GIFT CERTIFICATE - Thai Medical Massage & Bodywork

Thai massage uses traditional Thai medicine theory and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques to release energetic blockages manifested in the form of disease, pain, and imbalance. By clearing the energy pathways (sen) with acupressure, assisted stretching and joint mobilization, energy (lom) is able to move more freely. When energy functions optimally, the body and mind return to homeostasis and balance.

GIFT CERTIFICATE - Sound Therapy & Vibrational Massage

Sound Therapy & Vibrational Massage is an experience of deep connection with the energy body, the life force that sustains your life. Sound Therapy instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls and tuning forks may be placed on the body at certain acupressure points and/or around the body balancing the brain and subtler layers of perception. Prayers, mantras and affirmations may be chanted during session to enhance overall healing and intention.

GIFT CERTIFICATE - Thai Bodywork & Sound Therapy Combo