Laura Roos, DC


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*5 Pack

The Perfect Reset: 5 Tune-Ups + Email Summary & Plan

Does your body need a little reset? Then this package is for you! Designed to be just long enough to get you through a rough patch - or for newbies who want to give chiropractic a go.

*10 Pack

The Perfect Flex: 10 Tune-Ups + Email Summary & Plan

Designed to be f l e x i b l e , this package is perfect for those with stubborn injuries (who need consistent care upfront) or stubborn schedules (who want *near* monthly tune ups) alike.

*15 Pack

The Perfect Plan: 15 Tune-Ups + Email Summary & Plan

Designed to be an annual purchase, this package ensures you get a monthly tune-up, plus a few extra (for those times when we just need a little extra TLC).