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Love Me More Subscription box & Book club

per month
The Love Me More subscription box & book club is an exclusive, limited space, community created to guide women on their personal self-care journey! Each month the products that you receive will correlate with the current book of the month. These products will be used to unlock levels of yourself that are too often locked and hidden, even from ourselves! Throughout your subscription, you will begin to tap into your sexual self through the power of self-love and mindfulness. Understanding your sexual self through everyday living will give you a new sense of direction, as it relates to who is allowed to share your space.

There will be a growth process that you will notice and it may "scare" others, which is great BTW. Allowing you to love you more, comes with courage and together that is what we will build. Your membership gives you self-care products, weekly time with a tribe of like minded women, private time with me and the book that we will be exploring each month.