Create A Greater Future

You are smart, ambitious, a go getter, and you desire to have it all,

- The incredibly successful career in which you are working with purpose, and making a real impact through your work,


- Your definition of success in your personal life in which your spouse, family and friends fully support and celebrate your success, and you have the time and energy for things you love to do for YOU.

Most people will tell you "Having it all" is impossible, it's just a dream.


If you have decided that this is the year you will thrive both professionally AND personally, I am here to help you see how, and to support you to step into it.

I will draw from my own experience of having it all as a successful Wife, Mother, Business Leader, Speaker, fashion and fun loving world traveller, and, my experience working with Leaders on 5 continents so far using my "GREATER" Coaching Framework, to help you see how you too can "Have it All Harmoniously" and Create a greater future over the next 3 Months.

Here's what you will get:

- A welcome packet to help us customise how we will work together over the course of the next 3 Months - Value $250

- Highly Customised coaching sessions with me every 2 weeks to
- Get to the root cause of whatever is holding you back and get you inspired to overcome it
- Reignite your Vision
- Engage the Power of your mind to get it working for, rather than against you
- Action! - We will help you get clear on exactly what action you need to take to ensure your success
- Train for Success - We will help you understand what skills you need to develop and hone for success
- Ensure your environment is optimal to your success
- Reschedule for Success so that you get much more done working smarter, NOT harder.

We will basically tackle and work through any issues you might be facing with work, life, business, relationships etc. These sessions are known to be extremely impactful for my clients with "million dollar ideas" being birthed in them. - Value $7,500

- Recordings of each coaching session to facilitate bigger breakthroughs - Value $1,000

The investment for over this, over $8,500 worth of expertise and support to help you quantum leap to the next level of both professional and personal success in the next 90 Days is just $5,000 (not including VAT for Norway based Clients).

As you take steps to create a better life and future for yourself, you’ll be helping others also do the same; 10% of all proceeds will go towards feeding orphans, and generally helping those less fortunate around the world.

If you have any questions or issues getting signed up feel free to email me at maxine@thefutureisgreater.com.

I look forward to hearing from and working with you.

To your Success,


Please note the coaching fee quoted excludes VAT for Clients in Norway - This will be invoiced separately.

Feedback from some of my Clients

Maxine has a fabulous way of helping you discover and make the best choices for you and your family. She helped me land my dream job! Working with Maxine has been totally worth it.

Lorena Kuri

"Working with Maxine has been one of the best investments I have made into my professional development so far. The coaching sessions were well structured and the advice received was solid, easy to apply and provided real positive results. What I enjoyed most was the fact that the solutions to all the issues I faced would actually come from me. Maxine applied her "magic" (aka talent and expertise) to make me see possibilities and different paths to resolve a problem. The sessions were also a real booster to my self-confidence, and I feel I am now much better equipped with tools and insights to continue my journey along the senior leadership path."

Fernanda Lopes Larsen

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PS - If you would like to have a chat to see if this is the right package for you before you sign up, simply email me for a quick chat at maxine@thefutureisgreater.com and we will set up a call to see if we are a good fit to work together to achieve your goals.