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The Hyp-Newcomer package is an amazing option if you're new to hypnosis (or to me as a hypnotherapist), you want more attention than just one session, and you loooove saving money. This package is a $555 VALUE and consists of an initial 2 hour session and a 1 hour follow-up session. It's great for stress relief, habit control, relieving most fears & phobias, relationship enhancement, improved self-confidence, and more.

Confidence Boost

Give yourself the confidence you need to make strides in any and every area of your life and save some money while you're at it! This package consists of an initial session and three follow-up sessions. Almost a $1000 value! It's an excellent choice for those looking to making a commitment to lasting change!

Stop Smoking: Package of 6

Smoking may have served a function in your life once upon a time, but is it no longer working anymore with your current way of thinking, lifestyle or health. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool that can replace habits with more desirable behavior. This package consists of initial session and five follow up sessions. $1444 VALUE

Hypnobirthing: Package of 8

Whatever your vision of an ideal birth is, hypnotherapy can give you the tools to create it! You'll learn to increase your inner power, alter physical sensation, and feel calm and in control throughout your pregnancy, during your birth experience and beyond! This package consists of an initial session and seven follow up sessions.
$1888 VALUE