Emily Wallace - Lighthearted Healing

Shamanic Healing

The Soul Searcher

If you're looking for impactful, transformative healing, Shamanic work is the powerful modality you've been seeking. Using indigenous healing practices we'll remove energetic intrusions, release toxic cords, and reclaim lost aspects of the self to restore your system to wholeness. Deep healing can happen in one session, but it's helpful to have a follow-up session available to continue to grow, shift, and change. This package offers you an initial Shamanic Healing session (2 Hour) and a follow-up Shamanic Healing session (1 Hour) at a discounted rate. $555 VALUE

The Deep Diver

Ideal for individuals deeply to committed to their healing journey. This package gives you an initial Shamanic Healing session (2 hours) and THREE follow up Shamanic Healing sessions (1 hour each). Use your sessions back-to-back for an unbelievably transformative 1-2 months or spread them out over the course of year. Regardless, you'll be making a clear declaration to the Universe that you're ready for miracles. $1000 VALUE