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60-min Joy Ride Gift Certificate

$ AUD399.00
Experience being driven around Sydney on a Ferrari 360 spider. Thrill at the amazing sights and sounds of Sydney .

5hr Self-Drive Gift Certificate

$ AUD700.00
5 thrilling hours behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360 spider. Race through Sydney and go where the road takes you as you experience the many joys of driving a Ferrari.

10hr Self-Drive Gift Certificate

$ AUD900.00
10hrs of heart pounding excitement as you drive a Ferrari 360 Spider around and out of Sydney. Go where the road takes you, stop and have lunch somewhere special and get a real taste of the thrilling experience of driving a Super Car.

24hr Self-Drive Gift Certificate

$ AUD1300.00
For 24hours make the journey as much fun as the destination. Your pulse will be racing the entire time as you drive wherever the road takes you. Take your time to enjoy the drive, taking photos along the way. Pick a direction and put the city behind you. The choice is yours.

48hr Self-Drive Gift Certificate

$ AUD2500.00
48 hours of absolute freedom and enjoyment. Go the extra mile and make the journey as much fun as the destination. Driving a Ferrari to your weekend destination is the ultimate way to experience this car! The power of the Ferrari 360 will burn through your body and reverberate your soul. With this experience you get 48 hours to experience driving a Super Car. Go wherever the road takes you. Put the CBD behind you and drive some of the most amazing NSW roads on offer, reach your destination for the night still feeling the roar of engine reverberating through your soul. Then wake up in the morning, refreshed for 2 more days of incredible day of driving.