Do Your Best Work COVID discount package

You want to be doing your best work, but life and tasks you don't enjoy get in your way. This three session coaching package will focus on helping you understand your talents, set some clear goals, and take action. This is a hugely discounted price and will only be available through July.

Breathe (Individual Coaching Package)

Step back, assess, and regroup.
12 laser-focused coaching sessions
to focus your time and draw out energy to put towards your most important goals
Includes the CliftonStrengths assessment

This package is designed to be completed over a four-month time period, please schedule all sessions within that time frame unless you and Carol make different arrangements.

Plan (Individual Coaching Package)

You have a dream but aren’t sure how to get started.
90-minute strategy session to lay out the basic plan,
6 follow-up coaching sessions to flesh it out
Leverage your strengths to make it happen

This package is designed to be spread out over 2-3 months, please schedule all our appointments within that time frame unless you've made other arrangements with Carol.

Implement (Individual Coaching Package)

You have a plan but need some accountability and motivation to move things forward. Two sessions monthly will help you draw out energy and leverage your strengths to make things happen.

This plan is a monthly plan, if you are interested in a better discount and longer coaching agreement see the other plans.


Aim Your Strengths at Your Goal

If you are READY to dive into your Strengths, this package is designed for you! We will dig into your Strengths profile, help you get a better understanding of your talents, and AIM those talents directly at a current goal. This 3-session package is designed to look at your top 5 talent themes using the CliftonStrengths inventory. If you want to go in more depth or take a look at the full 34 we can schedule additional sessions beyond these three.