Legalproof (tm) Business Strategies


Elite Brand Builder Mentorship

per year for 12 year ($300,000.00 total)
The Elite Brand Builders (EBB) is reserved for the established entrepreneur who has hit a plateau or needs infrastructure adjustment and plans to grow their established brand. EBB clients have access to on-demand C-Level executives to serve as transitional support to create a sustainable profitable brand.

Emerging Brand Builder Program

per month for 12 months ($8,004.00 total)
Brand Builders EMERGE Mentorship Program is one year program for an entry-level non-established business. It is geared toward the emerging entrepreneur seeking to build and establish a marketplace presence. This is an entry-level program.

Super Star Brand Builders Annual Membership

per year

Super Star Brand Builders Quarterly Membership

every 3 months for 12 months ($15,000.00 total)

Superstar Brand Builders Mentorship Program

per month for 12 months ($15,000.00 total)
Superstar Brand Builders Mentorship is a holistic business mentorship customized to fit the unique needs of the client based on their company mission, vision, capability and profitability goals. The mentorship features weekly training sessions, weekly office office hours, unlimited email and cloud communication, monthly one-on-one business strategy sessions with your mentor, and monthly one-on-one sessions with your designated life coach.