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Online Mentoring Packages

SoulLife® Coaching 3 x 30 minutes Session Package

What's Included:
3 x 30 minute sessions
~ Life Map Reading ~ identifying your strengths, challenges and Soul purpose by the numbers
~ Emotional Bruises ~ understanding your ancestral and family trauma sometimes carried through generations
~ Intuitive Counselling ~ using psychic readings, mediumship and traditional counselling techniques to fast track the heart of the matter
~ Healing Therapies ~ various energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Trance Mediumship, Medical Mediumship and Past Life Regression ~ Therapy to access the Souls Wisdom and align the subtle energy bodies providing the space to return the Mind/Body/Spirit to it's optimum state.​ ​

VALUE: $369

Spiritual Guidance 3 x 60 minute sessions

What you get:

3 x 1 hour sessions
Sessions may include the following:
~ Counselling for the Soul
~ Respectful, Compassionate and Nurturing Space
~ Energy Healing
~ Psychic Reading of the Soul and Chakras
~ Divine Energy Channelling to give you an energy boost

**Your Higher Self directs this counselling and the above techniques are used as directed.