Life in Balance

Ayurveda: Gift Certificates and Packages

Ayurveda: Introduction to Yourself 6 month package

"Ayurveda: Introduction to Yourself" is a 6 month journey to personalized health and wellness. It begins with an in-depth consultation to assess your unique constitution. This will evaluate your dosha/energy based on the elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) that make up all of us. Five monthly follow-up sessions will set goals using food and lifestyle changes to balance and heal the body and mind. With one on one guidance and support, you will learn how to support their body's own ability to heal itself.  From this balanced state, you can create a life of optimum health and wellness!

Ayurveda Evaluation

Gift Certificate: Includes client intake form sent prior to session, 90 minute evaluation, and written summary and ayurveda recommendations following evaluation.