Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics

Energy Balancing & Healing

Animal Energy Balance

If you want to keep your animal's energy field and chakras in good balance, this is for you. I have clients with elderly horses, or animals prone to imbalance or sickness that schedule regular re-balance sessions.

If I haven't worked with your pet before, please hit reply when you receive your booking email, and send me a photo of your animal and it's name.

I will usually get back to you with your report within a couple of days, and will let you know if for some reason it's taking longer.

Horse & Rider Joint Energy Balance

Have you ever thought that maybe your energetic imbalance is affecting your horse, or, theirs is affecting you?

If you seem to be setting each other off and not quite getting on the same page, this is for you.

In this session I'll tune in to both you and your horse, at the same time.  I'll clear any energy blocks from each of you, and also clear and rebalance your joint energy field. 

Herd Rebalance

Ensure that your animals are living happily and harmoniously together, with a whole herd energy re-balance.

I've done this for herds of horses, a new dog joining a family, and a group of guinea pigs!

Let me know their names, and send a pic if possible.

1 Week Intensive Healing

If you or your animal are sick, or recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, I'll check in twice a day for a week, to remove negative energy, ensure that the energy systems are kept in balance, and do whatever healing is necessary to support the process.

Having our energy in balance enables our body to be better able to heal ourselves, as well as helping us to stay happier and more positive.

Please hit reply when you receive your booking confirmation, and send me a photo (anything is fine) and the name of your pet.