Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics

Human Sessions

Horse & Rider Joint Energy Balance

$ NZD99.00
Have you ever thought that maybe your energetic imbalance is affecting your horse, or, theirs is affecting you?

If you seem to be setting each other off and not quite getting on the same page, this is for you.

In this session I'll tune in to both you and your horse, at the same time.  I'll clear any energy blocks from each of you, and also clear and rebalance your joint energy field. 

VIP 6 week Intensive

$ NZD555.00
Work with me intensively for 6 weeks to develop your own animal communication skills and increase your connection with your horse.
3 x online calls to guide you and answer your questions
Unlimited email support for the duration.

Intuitive Energy Balancing & Healing (human)

$ NZD85.00
When our energy gets out of balance we might feel grumpy, depressed, frustrated, angry etc, be more clumsy, or get sick more often. I'll tune in with you intuitively (in a meditative state), and do what I'm guided regarding healing your body and rebalancing your energy fields. There is often a small piece of channeled homework for you to do, too

Intensive Pendulum Healing Session (human, or animal)

$ NZD140.00
Clear negative or trapped emotions, release past life trauma, and experience in depth healing from physical issues. In person, online, or remote.

I work with a strong healing pendulum and a variety of charts; please send me as much detail as possible about the issues concerning you.

This session includes one free follow up.

Spiritual Development Session

$ NZD150.00
Explore your spiritual path and clarify or develop your gifts in a 1.5 hour one-to-one session specifically tailored to your needs.

Online or in person; I'll email you by return to arrange a suitable time.