Trisha Wren, Equine Energetics

Human Sessions

Intuitive Energy Balancing & Healing (human)

$ NZD120.00
When our energy gets out of balance we might feel grumpy, depressed, frustrated, angry etc, be more clumsy, or get sick more often. I'll tune in with you intuitively (in a meditative state), and do what I'm guided regarding healing your body and rebalancing your energy fields. There is often a small piece of channeled homework for you to do, too

Intensive Pendulum Healing Session (human, or animal)

$ NZD200.00
Clear negative or trapped emotions, release past life trauma, and experience in depth healing from physical issues. In person, online, or remote.

I work with a strong healing pendulum and a variety of charts; please send me as much detail as possible about the issues concerning you.

This session includes one free follow up.

Spiritual Development Session

$ NZD150.00
Explore your spiritual path and clarify or develop your gifts in a 1 hour one-to-one session specifically tailored to your needs.

Online or in person; I'll email you by return to arrange a suitable time.