Exercise Class Package

x6 Exercise Classes

We encourage you to book your exercise classes in sets of 6 (1 hour each) in the class of your choosing.
This reduces the risk of injury, keeps you accountable, as well as creates a goal to work towards.

The code that gets generated with this package can be used to book into any of our exercise classes currently on offer. Follow one class for all 6 weeks or mix it up with an intense Love Your Core Class on week one followed by a relaxing Yoga class the week after, and so on. The choice is yours.


Q: What happens if you can't make a class? How do I reschedule?
A: You can simply reschedule via your profile on our online booking system to a date that suits you. No need to cancel.
*Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place and would therefore be unable to cancel or reschedule during this period.

Q: What if you are booked into a certain class but would prefer to try something new this week?
A: Simply cancel your current class and book into the new class of your choice with your original package code. (Package codes remain active and usable 8 weeks from date of purchase)

Any further questions or for assistance simply email exercise@restoring-health.co.uk