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Posture Screening - Online

Posture Screening plus an additional Bespoke Exercise Prescription Package

Our Posture Screening process is used to provide you with a visual and accurate representation of your current standing posture.

Step 1:
Purchase this Package.

Step 2:
Book Posture Screening appointment in order to receive the correct forms and required app download links via your confirmation email. Seated posture can be purchased as an add-on during checkout for this appointment.
*Please note that this is NOT a Physical appointment you need to attend yourself. The booking is purely for our own diaries. Please ensure to send your photographs at least 24 hours prior to this appointment.

Step 3:
In order to take and send us your photographs follow the steps that will be in your booking confirmation email.
These photos must reach us prior to your chosen date of assessment.

Step 4:
You can schedule your Bespoke Postural Correction Exercise Session with Deborah 2 working days after your initial Posture Screening above. This will be conducted over ZOOM (link in booking confirmation). This is to allow Deborah adequate time to set up an Exercise Programme to best address any postural and/or correctional points. This appointment provides a consultation in interpreting your detailed Posture Screening Report and ensuring correct exercise execution.