Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) BioMag Units

Biomag Lumio

Compact, Low weight and easily portable! The Biomag Lumio is a perfect introductory system to the Biomag range and is capable of connecting two independently attachable applicators.

The Biomag® Lumio system (magnetotherapeutic device Biomag® Lumio and connectable applicators) is designed for application on all parts of the body for all age groups (from 3 years of age) to improve regeneration of the body, soothe pain, stimulate metabolism, enhance the immune system and maintain good health.

VAT Exemption
Providing you have a chronic condition and you are buying for personal use this product qualifies for VAT exemption. If you choose the VAT exempt option your order will need to send us a completed VAT exemption form, we will e-mail this to you after you place your order. Please note we cannot dispatch VAT exempt orders before we receive the VAT form. To find out more about VAT exemption please click here

Biomag Lumina Intro Set

Thanks to its accessories – the most advanced Biomag applicators, the Biomag® Lumina FS set is intended for the widest and most comfortable use of 3D Biomag magnetic therapy applications. This set contains the patented pillow 3D applicator and the AL16-LUM local applicator, with a combination of both therapeutic light and healing pulsed field.

What's Included?
- Excellent 4 Output device Biomag Lumina Easy with battery with 32 programs for home care.
- Combi belt
- Tester
- Manual therapy guide
- Bag L1A