Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) MAS Units

MAS Special Multi+

MAS Special Multi+
The MAS Special Multi+ PEMF therapy system has been found to improve circulation, improve oxygenation of the cells, and strengthen the immune system.

The MAS Special Multi+ has a vast array of pre-set programs to select from as well as the flexibility to suit the users personal needs, with individualised programs. Because of its wide-ranging application possibilities it allows, multiple, adjustable treatment options.

The MAS Special Multi+ system has been used for at least 10 years, by people in their homes and by numerous top athletes and therapists in many clinics with remarkable satisfaction. The MAS was designed based on technical input from researchers and scientists from Russia, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. Because of the vast amount of experience behind the development of this system it is one of the most sophisticated PEMF therapy systems available today.

Why invest in a MAS device?
PEMF systems are a far better investment than other devices such as TENS which use electrical impulses on the surface and at best can only mask your symptoms. The MAS generates medium to high intensity magnetic fields which can safely and therapeutically penetrate through muscle and tissue and affect individual cells.

What intensity is the MAS Device?
The full body mat is 25 Gauss and the pillow Pad is 100 Gauss

What is the frequency range of the MAS?
The MAS is one of the most programmable PEMF devices available and has a frequency range of 1-1000Hz. It has over 100 programs for various conditions and the ability for you to pre set a program if you wish.

What's in the box?
- MAS control unit
- Full body applicator
- Small pillow applicator
- Power cord
- Magnet tester