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Dive Deep, Align Your Life!

Be a spiritual activist. Learn how you co-create your life.

Stay Tuned to Your Transits

20 Sessions over the course of a year to review and track your transits

Ongoing EA Consultation/ Natural Law Inquiry

Stay Tuned - Series of Four Appointments @ New Moon & Full Moons for 2 Months

We set our intentions on the New Moon, and work with achieving them for the first two weeks following the New Moon. This is the waxing phase. Then as we transition from a subjective focus to an objective awareness - of our place in the social order - at the Full Moon, we often glitch, freeze, prickle or even fail to launch. Get help with the Waxing and Waning Cycle (at least once during the year) to figure out how to navigate it more consciously yourself. The goal is self-empowerment! Tashi will guide you at the New Moon to set intentions, giving you exact dates and times to help build towards your goals. At the Full Moon Tashi will again help you to disseminate your intentions, or review how to set intentions with more clarity. This is really gift to yourself which you can redeem monthly when purchased before the New or Full Moon cycle!