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Shine Yoga for Tweens (Wednesday Class) | Buy the 6 week package and save!

This class will help tweens ages 10-13 learn yoga poses safely, and explore breathing and focus exercises to help calm the mind. We will learn how to be strong and steady and still have an open heart.

WARNING: Yoga can provide life tools such as self-esteem and confidence, inner and outer strength, attention and concentration, and heightened awareness of oneself and others!

Community Acupuncture Package

The best way to experience the full effects of Acupuncture is to attend 6 weekly sesssions. Buy the package up front and save 15%!

Two Private Yoga w/ Salt for $35 off

Get a private yoga class with our instructor, Kelly Allen, MS, RYT, UZIT for $35 off the regular price!

Call (330) 576-4144 to set up a time.

One Month Unlimited Yoga

Use for any group yoga class (with or without salt) for an unlimited amount of classes in a 30 day period!

Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions for One Month

Experiencing several sessions is the best way to really notice how much better you feel with Salt Therapy! Buy an unlimited package and give it a shot!

Unlimited Infrared Sessions for One Month

If you are sweating after 1 Infrared Sauna session, imagine how much more detoxified you will be after a few more! Unlimited for a month (1 per day), what do you have to lose?