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Investment Club - 1 Participant

per month
This is a year round investment club designed for youths and adults. You will learn how to save, invest and grow your money, skills that will last a lifetime. Specifically, participants will learn how to invest using stocks, bonds, master limited partnerships, business development companies, close end funds, exchange traded funds and options.

Participants can join anytime throughout the year.  Each participant will learn what to buy (Fundamental Analysis), when to buy and sell (Technical Analysis) and have discussions about investment strategies and market conditions.  This knowledge can then be used to develop and manage your own portfolio. 

Math Tutoring One on One - 4 Hr Package

This is a 4-hour one-on-one tutoring package, divided into 1 hour sessions, offered onsite or in-home by tutors educated by our nation's top universities. Student receives focused support with math concept review, homework completion and test preparation for elementary, middle and high school math topics.

SAT Math Prep - 10 Hour Package

per month for 2 months ($450.00 total)
This 10-hour course prepares you for what to expect on the SAT Math Test. Choose from ten 1-hour or five 2-hour sessions, scheduled at your convenience. With one-on-one guidance from an experienced instructor, you will work on multiple types of test questions and practice tests to increase your chances of achieving your best score. The only required material is an SAT Math Prep book, which should be purchased from Amazon or other retailers prior to starting the course.