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Gift Certificates

Chakra Reading and Healing - In Person

Chakra Reading and Healing Session includes a reading of the chakras (or energy centers) to see where energy may be stuck, low vibration or influenced in someway that needs to be cleared. Then, the chakras are cleared, balanced and energized to eliminate any dis-ease that may be occurring. The client should feel like a weight has been lifted and be very clear in their head and their heart.

Healing for the Holidays

In this wonderful time of giving . . . give the gift of healing and spiritual guidance for the Holidays. Enjoy $75 off on this package for the Holidays.

In-Person Oracle Card Reading

An Oracle Card Reading is Divine Guidance. It will reveals things about the current situation and provides guidance as to handle the situation to the client's highest good. It might be relationship, work or health information. You can ask the question, "What do I need to know in my life right now", if you don't have a specific question and the cards will illuminate what you need to know.

Oracle Card Reading - On the Phone or Video (30min)

This mini Oracle Card Reading is perfect for someone who just wants to brush the surface of what is going on with them and/or doesn't have an hour to spend on a full reading. The information will be brief and the amount of cards pulled will be between 1 - 3.

Oracle Card Reading - On the Phone or Video (60min)

If it is possible to travel to Butterfly Healing and Wellness for your Oracle Card Reading Session, you can set up a time to get your reading on the phone or in a video meeting.

Reiki for the Holidays

Give the gift of healing this Holiday Season with $10 off any In-Person Reiki Session. This gift certificate can be used for any session type that is under $125.00, but there will be no refund for unused portions.

Remote Chakra Reading and Healing

This remote chakra reading and healing session can be done on the phone or video. The client can relax at home with the video or phone next to them. In healing the chakras we release all old and negative energy, balance the chakras and energize them to work at optimum levels. The chakra reading will allow the client to know where energy tends to get stuck and what possible solutions are possible to break these patterns in the future.

Remote Reiki Session

Reiki is energy, so it can be transmitted through time and space. A remote Reiki session can be done while the client relaxes at their home or anywhere and receive the Reiki. It is necessary to set up the time that you want the Reiki sent to you. So, you will need to go on the website and sign up for the time you wish. If you have questions, feel free to call or text 540-748-8047.

Usui or Crystal Reiki Session - In Person

Give the gift of healing! Reiki is a non invasive, passive way to heal your dis-ease, whatever it may be. The client can just lay back and let the energy do the healing. The energy is universal life energy and creates the perfect environment for your body, mind and spirit, heal itself.