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Monthly Distance Reiki Subscription

per month
Once a month I offer a distance Reiki session that anyone can participate in for only $11.11 (per session). These sessions are great as an introduction to Reiki for new clients, a Reiki booster for existing clients, a gift for a loved one in need of healing, and as a way of incorporating relaxation and welcoming healing energy into your home life and space.

*THESE ARE DISTANCE SESSIONS* You do not have to leave where you are.

Simply relax and receive from the comfort of your own space, allowing the Reiki to clear, balance, and heal any blocks or imbalances. Participants and intentions will receive positive healing energy and prayer.
*Note the name of the person(s) to receive the Reiki along with any special intentions in the comment box.
**Purchase additional sessions for additional recipients by adjusting the quantity. (ex. purchase 1 for yourself, add 1 for a friend, etc.)

As of right now there is no audio or live video during these sessions. I try to keep it as simple as possible since the goal is to help everyone incorporate the practice of relaxing, receiving, and recharging into their regular home schedule and invite healing energy into their space. I encourage participants to get quiet and still if possible at the time of the session. This allows them to really feel the energy rather than hear me chatting. I do the same and send the Reiki. Then the Reiki does the rest. The simplicity of it all is so powerful, and I get tons of messages the next day about how amazing everyone feels. I highly recommend trying it at least once. It’s a great intro to the Reiki experience.