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Foundations Joy Package

We are all one family under the sky.

Exploration Subscriptions

Frequency Exploration Classes

$11.00 initial setup plus $22.00 per month for 11 months ($253.00 total)
In this series of eleven classes, Eric will walk you through a variety of energetic frequencies, learning the 'lenses' needed to see them, getting a feel for how they affect your energetic body, and gaining practical insight into using them.

Frequencies to be explored include; Platinum, Lightning Electricity, Electromagnetism, Crystalline or liquid glass, Vaccuum energy, Star energy, Angelic and Higher Self frequencies, vibration frequencies such as Sound and Resonance, Energetic Growth to take awareness to Galactic level, and True Void energy. The eleventh class, the very last class, will be a culmination of the series, drawing on an eclectic variety of the energies explored in the previous ten classes.

Each month there will be a two hour class and exploration of a frequency. Complete with meditation and practical tools to practice in your everyday life.

Also each month, there will be a coaching session. In these short, focused sessions, Eric will work with volunteers in a live session working with the energy of the month. Participants will work on one another as Eric coaches them through. Group participation welcome.

Classes and coaching sessions will be recorded for those not able to make the live times.

In the private Facebook group, we will explore these energies further. Sharing experiences and developing practices, discussing new insights, epiphanies and adventures, we will bring these energies to life.

Join us for this eleven month journey through frequency and awareness!

*Generally Frequency Exploration classes will be on the third Friday of the month, some exceptions will apply. Class dates are available for viewing 50 days in advance. All classes are recorded and sent out to participants.
Attendance to the live class is not required for understanding of the tools provided. We have a private group set up for exchange of ideas and discussion on the monthly topic.

The day you sign up will be your monthly charge date (*If you need us to adjust this for a particular date, let us know.). On your charge date, Acuity will auto generate a payment receipt that will include your class information, links, and your unique login in code for that month.

**When signing up, the upcoming class will be revealed with enrollment.