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FLOWER - 3 month Creation Vortex

per month for 3 months ($11,991.00 total)
This is a 3 month process where we get to re-vibrate you into your own authentic Soul Expression. Together we'll explore your astrology, human design and work through BodyTalk sessions to clear away deep rooted old programming and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. By getting crystal clear on what life you want to live and experience now, we get to design and create your dream life and lifestyle together. As we get clear on your dream life, we design your business engine around your dream life.

This is wonderful when you have one specific area in your world that you'd like to super-charge. Examples are boosting up your Business Matrix, Self Love Connection, Relationship Matrix, Family Matrix or a specific project that you're truly ready to sky rocket.

This is a super in depth process with lots of inner 'aha' moments.

This package includes:
Weekly Soulit Sessions (~20-60min depending on what your body needs)
Weekly Soul Insight Strategy Sessions (~30 min)
Voxer Support Access

So excited to share magic together! :)

Option to pay in full: $11,000 - paypal Samantha@TheBija.com

email me at Love@SamanthaBlossom for more questions



FLOWER Rose Gold VIP - 6 Month Creation Vortex

per month for 6 months ($23,982.00 total)
This will be an in depth Soul Discovery Journey together. Each week we will have a unique focus where we are re-vibrating an area of your life. By tuning into your unique needs, we will find the fastest and most effective way for you to access your Dreamy Divine Vision.

This is for the dedicated dreamer who is truly ready to take charge and bring their Vision into Life. This is a Co-Creative Process where we will both be joyously creating together. We will come together and ask the Cosmos for the fastest and most efficient way for your dreams to be actualized. My intent is to work with someone who is dedicated to the evolution + the awakening of the planet and peoplekind.

Your New Rainbow Light Body will be Activated.

We will focus on these areas:
Activating New Light Codes for these Areas ~
• Optimize flow of your Business Matrix
• Create abundant relationship with your Money Matrix
• Rejuvenate your Family Matrix
• Increase harmony in your Relationship Matrix
• Strengthen all 12 Meridians + 7 Chakras + 21 Minor Chakras
• Release deep seeded Ancestral Programming
• The rest of the program will by determined by our conversations together.

What you'll Receive:
• 90 Minute in depth Soul Sight Conversation so that we can get clear on what it is you want to create here on the planet and why.
• Weekly BodyTalk Sessions
• Weekly 30 min coaching sessions
• Voxer/Email/Text Access with max 48 hour response time
• Intention Vortex (Your Intentions will be charged up in a crystal grid vortex daily.)

• This will be a process that sparks joy and will be a fun and playful process. We can create and design together a beautiful world and get your vibe and vision out to people in a big way. I am so excited to connect with you and serve on this very deep level. I feel super honored to share this incredible gift with you. Thank you for saying yes to your Divine Calling and for saying Yes to You!

Option to pay in full: $20,000 - paypal Samantha@TheBija.com

All the sparkly love from the Universe!