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Healing Circle Transformative Community

Healing Circle Transformative Community

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What is the Healing Circle Transformative Community?

I invite you to join others from around the world who are already experiencing fabulous results from the remote, anonymous, distance, weekly drip-feed of ongoing healing which is helping them with all sorts of different symptoms and seeing them overcome their pain, whatever that looks like to them.

You join an amazing group of people who are all walking their healing journeys at the same time as you are walking yours – you become part of a Healing Circle Transformative Community and you can share – if you want to - your healing experiences in our private FB group. You can ask questions of me and of the community and get my impressions of your healing through my weekly live debriefings/or postings done on FB.

**NB** I'm having a software issue which may prevent you from booking yourself into your first session. Please don't be alarmed - as soon as you've purchased this membership, I get a notification, I am booking you in and will email you ASAP the details! ****