A) Taking Care of Me Facial Club

Excellent Care Member

per month
Monthly you will Receive:
Facial of your choice (Except Peels)
Brow shaping and lip wax (if needed)
Manual micro-dermabrasion or enzyme and mask of choice
Eye or Lip treatment
Hand or foot massage with hot stones or parafin wax
$10 beauty buck toward product purchase
Your Favorite Snack and a bottle of alkaline water To Go

Great Care Member

You will be charged $107.00 when you purchase this, then $127.00 per month for 11 months ($1,504.00 total)
Great Care monthly members will receive:
Signature Find Your Glow Facial
Brow shaping or lip wax
Eye treatment or hand massage with hot stones
$10 toward product upgrade
$10 toward add-ons i.e LED light, step-up enzymes, stone massage, serums
Alkaline water and favorite snack
Free entry to special events

Good Care Member

per month
Good Care member will receive monthly:
Xpress Glow Baby Glow facial
brow shaping (no wax)
$5 toward add-on enzyme peel
$10 toward product purchase

Give the Gift of Glow

$100 Gift Certificate

Here is a $100 gift certificate toward the facial treatment of your choice.

Share the Glow

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