30 Trillion Points of Light Triple

Includes 3 Private Virtual Sessions
60 minutes each (give or take a few)

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation 1:1 Virtual Privates

per month
*2 Private 1:1 Classes per month
*Class recordings
*Special curated Practice and Meditations w/ support & strategy
*Whatsapp communication access

*Complimentary access to any Live Virtual Workshops being held

**Perfect for those new to this practice and/or wants individualized attention in certain areas

One Month Activation Package

*Crystallization Intensive Session
*4 Weekly check-in calls
*WhatsApp communication access

*30 minute follow up check-in call at a later date
*Curated Meditation Practice w/ support

**Perfect for those who need or want additional support in getting projects off the ground and/or personal transformational upgrades**

*All Sessions Virtual or Telephone
*2x Payment Plan available by request, total @ $700

Quarterly Quadrant Maximization

Maximize a 3 month period of time and space.
*3 Coaching Sessions
*Bi-weekly check-in calls
*WhatsApp messaging access
*Specially Curated Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Practice w/ support and strategy

*Cosmic Numerology Report & Strategy

3x payment plan available upon request, total @ $3,000