Coaching Packages

New Client Special

Set yourself up for your a higher level of your own excellence!

Includes 3 Regular 1-on-1 Virtual Sessions up to 62 minutes

*Offer available to new clients only

Master Your Intentions - Virtual

Initial 90 Minute Session
4 Regular Sessions - Up to 62 minutes each
2 Power Sessions - Up to 31 minutes each

Set yourself up for maximum success, victory, and mastery over the next week, month, year and beyond...

Gain clarity on your goals and intentions:
What do you want to accomplish, master, and transform in all areas of your life?

Clearing the path to victory:
Dive into the “played out”habitual ways (conscious & subconscious) you limit, resist, and sabotage your success and the tools you can use on a moment to moment basis & in regular practice to completely reprogram & upgrade habits and thought patterns (for good!).

​Inspired action:
What are you doing every day, week, month to move towards your ideal vision and how are you creating moment-to-moment victories?

​Strategies for long lasting success:
Opening yourself up to the creative possibilities, resources, and solutions you need, and designing your own masterful personal tool kits to be in the experience of patience, humor, steadiness, grace, confidence, & sovereignty when faced with all the ups & downs along the way.

5 Virtual Sessions

*Only available to existing clients

10 Virtual Sessions

*Only available to existing clients